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We selected these works in an effort to show children themselves as the main character in their own story.
We wanted to select inclusive works, from the fantastical to the grounded written by Black, Indigenous, and Latine authors.
We believe that it is vital for children to be exposed to as many different realities and possibilities so they can dream their biggest dreams.

-Quetzie Taborga-Reyes
WashMasks volunteer & book list curator


We have curated a list of English and Spanish language books for students of all ages to enjoy.
Take a look and then take your pick!

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Colorful Book Spines

Our Book Seller PartneR

Simply order the books from our partner,
Estrilita's Justice Focused Community Library, through the link below and they will gather them for us - but you still need to provide an address so use ours!

PO Box 16500
Seattle, WA 98116

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