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Are there other ways to help?

Migrant workers are facing some historic obstacles when it comes to fair pay, safe working conditions, and access to safe and clean housing. If you are interested in keeping up with migrant workers in Washington, you can find more information from policy to grassroots mutual aid for other necessities from the following organizations:

Can I buy masks to donate?

Yes! There are many small mask making businesses out there. Here is a list of members within our BIPOC communities that are creating masks. You are welcome to place an order while listing our mailing address as the recipient - or order a few for yourself! **Please remember to buy tie back masks with simple nose designs - no clamps or filters.

Mac Fashions

How to order: Website


Mama Hilda's Masks

How to order: Google Form

Refugee Artisan Initiative

How to order: Online Shop 

Colorful Book Spines

Our Book Seller PartneR

Simply order the books from our partner,
Estrilita's Justice Focused Community Library, through the link below and they will gather them for us - but you still need to provide an address so use ours!

PO Box 16500
Seattle, WA 98116

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